2016 Post Event Report

Take a look at the 2016 Post Event Report for insight into the key themes cover, exclusive access to interviews and presentations together with the CX investment priorities highlighted by the attending delegates as key for 2017!

Customer Experience Leaders' Top Challenges & Investment Priorities

Ahead of the Customer Experience Exchange for Financial Services, attendees were asked what their top business challenges are and which tools and solutions they plan to invest in over the next 6 - 18 months to ensure their customer experience initiatives result in increased customer acquisition, loyalty and profits.

Get into the Mind of a Customer Experience Expert – What Does the Future Hold for the Financial Services Industry?

Download this exclusive eBook to learn what CX experts from across the financial services sector have identified as the next big thing in the customer experience world! Featuring exclusive interviews and research this is a must read as we head into 2016 and beyond!

Battle of the Banks: The Traditional vs The Challenger vs The Disruptor

The financial services sector is changing, particularly for banks, constantly struggling to adapt their customer experience strategies to meet the changing demands of today’s millennial customer. We now have the traditional banks, the challenger banks and more recently the disruptor banks – but which banks will last the test of time? Does one size fit all or will banks be forced to specialise their customer experience strategies? These are the critical questions posed in this this eBook, featuring exclusive interviews and the thoughts of; Ugur Sungur - VP, Internet Channels, ING Bank Turkey; Iain Kirkpatrick – MD Retail, Metro Bank; Stewart Bromley – COO, Atom Bank…and many more!

The Evolution of Financial Services: Traditional. Challenger. Disruptor.

The time has come to put your customers at the heart of your business, whether its a traditional, challenger, disruptor model the customer must be at the heart of the business. This report focuses on the customer strategy of brands including; AXA Business Insurance, Direct Line Group, Metro Bank, Atom Bank and Euroloan Group, exploring some of the key strategies these brands are using to successfully deliver a consistently positive customer experience in an increasingly complex digital world.

FINANCIAL SERVICES REPORT: CX Solutions & Services Investment Report 2017

The last 5 years have seen technological advancement, in many ways beyond many expectations. For the customer experience arena in particular, the rise and advancing of disruptor brands like Uber, Airbnb, Monzo Bank, and Deliveroo has seen consumers truly take control. They choose the brands they interact with, with the full backing of millions of reviews on social media, when and how they interact with them and set their expectations higher and higher each year.

As we head into 2017 and map out our strategies that must both delight and retain today’s customers as well as be agile enough to adapt to the customers of 2020, we also look over the last 5 years of solutions and service demands within the customer experience space.

Does Customer Service Impact Business?

Every year, the Teleperformance Customer Experience Lab (CX Lab) undertakes a survey to understand perceptions of customer experience, and particularly, customer service preferences.

The survey looks at customer behavior and customer service preferences by market in order to understand different patterns of perception, organized by generation. The CX Lab analyzes statistics on the most-used channels for contacting brands' customer service, compared to the channels customers would prefer to use if they had a choice. 

This report briefly outlines the findings of the survey and provides particular insights on the countries studied.

Overall, customer service continues to be very important to consumers, and is an important factor in terms of brand satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy. Therefore, providing excellent customer service is a differentiator.

Customer Experience Exchange for Financial Services Post Event Report 2017

In February 2017, the Customer Experience Exchange for Financial Services connected 80 C-level executives and VPs/Directors/Heads of CX, Marketing and Digital Strategy from across the FS industry with a selection of the most innovative solutions and services providers in this sector to find solutions to their biggest challenges. The Post Event Report provides an indepth analysis of the attendees, the central themes that arose from discussing the challenges keeping CX executives awake at night, and the industry trends driving high levels of investment across the broad technology and service provider landscape, featuring exclusive interviews, presentations, stats and much more.


DirectLine Group Presentation: Case Study - Earning Customers' Trust: The Road to Recovery

Financial services institutions are amongst the least trusted in the UK. It is surprising that this doesn't get more attention given the increasing ease with which customers can move their relationships between providers. However, building trust is not a simple task and unless an organisation is committed to dealing with some uncomfortable truths it might not achieve meaningful impact. Join Mark Evans, Chief Marketing Officer of Direct Line Group, as he shares his experience and company journey on how a focused drive towards earning customers' trust can act as a catalyst for business transformation.


Engaging Customers Through Digital Banking

The future of Customer Experience is digital, and some of the leading financial organisations discuss the challenges in relation to managing huge volumes of customer data from multiple contact points, but also when providing a coherent interaction with the customer across many channels. With more and more people turning to online channels, the need to ensure that customers have a seamless and easy experience online can be a major differentiator for your business and this panel highlights some of the important elements to digital engagement. 

Bank 2.0: Get Ready for the New Era of Engagement Banking, Jelmer de Jong, Global Marketing Director, Backbase

Omnichannel banking has evolved rapidly over the years and banks must now leverage their single view of the customer in coordinated and strategic ways. Global Marketing Director of Backbase, Jelmer de Jong, shared some remarkable trends relating to how omnichannel approaches have affected our lives. 98% of people move between a different device every single days. With statistics like this, it’s difficult not to appreciate how various new channels have disrupted the way people live their lives and choose to interact with their bank.


Forrester – The Future of Online Customer Experience

Forrester believes that four attributes will characterize the next phase of development of the Web. Online experiences will be: customized by the end user, aggregated at the point of use, relevant to the moment, and social as a rule, not an exception. In this report, we highlight companies that are providing online experiences that already exhibit one or more of these characteristics.

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The Power of a Precise Consumer Understanding to make Effective Marketing Decisions and Drive Growth

According to Oliver Rust, Senior Vice President, Global Financial Services, Nielsen, precision marketing is the key for customer engagement, and the link between brand promise and marketing needs to be clearly defined. Consumers expect their experience to deliver on the brand perception. If this is done, then customer trust can be re-set and consumers can be reconnected to their brand.

What is Customer Experience?

Ensuring a great multi-channel customer experience, hinges on an organizations’ ability to put the customer at the heart of the business. This video, produced by the Customer Management Exchange Network, serves to demonstrate the importance of customer experience in today’s environment touching on critical strategic issues such as customer loyalty, accountability & ROI, social media and customer centricity.


Ember: Finding Your North Star

Chances are, your business is planning for change – change that will help you do more, do better and do it without risk to the organisation or its customers. If you’re looking to develop a new target operating model, first you need to define the target. Ember’s approach helps you crystallise the goal, and then reshape your organisation to achieve it.

Walk On The Wild Side

Thinking about your customer management priorities? Take a walk on the wild side with Ember Services to find out 10 things you can learn from nature in the wonderful world of customer management.

Forrester: Financial Services Firms Must Demonstrate Customer Advocacy In Every Interaction

"If You Want Loyal Customers Don’t Waste Their Money Or Their Time". 

Forrester Research will be presenting at the Customer Experience Exchange for Financial Services, and to give you a sneak preview, Forrester has shared this excerpt from its December report, “Actions Speak Louder Than Words When It Comes to Customer Centricity” written by VP and Principal Analyst, Megan Burns, for you to enjoy. A must read!

Does CX Drive Revenue, And How Good Is The CX Offered By Financial Firms In Europe?

Three-quarters of companies want to improve their customer  experience (CX). Yet Forrester’s Customer Experience Index (CX Index™), which covers more than 200 brands in eight industries across the UK, France, and Germany, found that most European brands deliver mediocre experiences. That is a problem in an era when customer-driven change is remaking every industry.

In this exclsuive article Joana van den Brink-Quintanilha, Senior Analyst, Customer  Experience, at Forrester Research discusses the following critical questions: 

  • What is the business impact of superior customer experience?
  • Financial services firms hold the lead in all three markets?
  • What’s driving this performance?


Adam Morghem, Former UK Marketing Director, RSA:

Adam talks about the process of driving (often radical) changes throughout the business to ensure that customers are at the heart of the organisation. 

Gareth Mackown, Financial Services Mobile Leader, IBM

Gareth takes you through the best ways to organise yourself across your channel platforms to optimise customer experience across all touch points.

Gary Hurry, Director of Marketing, ABN AMRO

Gary discusses the difficulties faced with creating a cultural change across the organisation, together with a number of helpful hints and tips for working with your board to influence customer strategy. 

Paolo Barbsino, FVP – Head of Internet & Mobile Banking, UniCredit

Paolo talks about the importance of educating the customers on mobile and internet banking, together with taking into account the different geographies in which your financial organisation operates. 

Stephen Ingledew, Managing Director, Customers & Marketing, Standard Life

Nailing the company culture is tough, and Stephen talks about Standard Life’s journey, together with some common pitfalls to avoid on the subject. 

Kristin Julbert, Director Client Experience, BBVA Compass

Kristin discussed effective measurement strategies for CX initiatives, together with advice on how to maximize insight form data, translating it into actionable intelligence for the consumer teams.

Maura Hunter, Senior Vice President, Fidelity

Maura discusses the importance of integrating Customer Experience into the DNA of the Organisation and some of the practicalities of delivering a seamless Experience.

Defining the Strategy and Approach to Deliver a Consistent Global Experience; Anne Grim, Managing Director, Global Head of Client Services, Barclays

Anne discusses how to deliver an excellent level of customer experience globally. Consistency in service excellence across a global business can be difficult to manage, and Anne shares her top tips for being able to develop an excellent service profit chain. Anne also discusses how to measure customer loyalty and how you can use that to leverage an excellent strategy

Exclusive Interview with Kelly Harper, Director Customer Experience Learning, BMO Financial Group

We recently caught up with Kelly to discuss how BMO Financial Group communicates internal strategies to their customer focused teams. We also asked Kelly what the financial services sector needs to do to help rebuild customer trust and what the future holds for the Financial Services sector. A must watch.

Defining and Leading Transformation in your Business to Deliver an Excellent Customer Experience; Michael Gould, Former COO, Hiscox

Michael takes the time to talk about Hiscox' overall IT and Operational strategy. Michael takes you through his approach to delivering an operational strategy that fundamentally delivers a customer experience which it is now so famous for. Through change management and process orientation, Michael talks about adopting a lean process to ensure that everything is done to bring value to the customers.

Exclusive Interview with Chris Brindley, Managing Director, Metro Bank

We recently sat down with Chris to discuss why and how Metro Bank differentiate themselves from other Financial Services organisations with their customer service strategy, why they have 'fans’ instead of customers and the biggest challenges have faced as a financial institute in terms of behaving and being treated more like a retailer. Chris also discusses how Metro Bank go about building emotional engagement with customers.

Exclusive Interview with Dan Balistierri, VP, Global Service & Experience MasterCard

In this interview Dan discusses how MasterCard’s loyalty scheme contributes to consumer experience, how they are coping with the ever increasing shift towards digital in financial services as well as the most important elements when designing an omni-channel strategy. Dan also discusses the social hype as well as the three most important aspects of a customer experience strategy that financial services organisations need to focus on.


Presentation: Stephen Ingledew,Managing Director, Customers & Marketing, Standard Life

If your customer experience strategy is going to make the impact on your business its capable of, everyone needs to be engaged with your strategy, from the CEO through the workforce. With the difficulty of placing a monetary value on the level of customer experience provided, many senior decision makers are left asking – Where’s the ROI? Through hearing what has and hasn’t worked for Standard Life, this presentation will let you take away practical insights from this session into integrating your strategy throughout your business, and making sure you can create teams that aren’t segregated in their approach to customers.